Our Services

Plant Scaping

Our designers and landscapers create entire indoor environments that stimulate the senses. In doing so, we make your people and your customers feel great.

From single reception or office plants in containers to lavish planting displays in atriums and other large work spaces, Jenny flowers indoor plants give your company the perfect makeover.

Land Scaping

Soft landscaping is the heart and soul of every landscaping project. It is the use of vegetative material such as palms, trees, flowers and shrubs, to enhance and accentuate the beauty of the landscape. Jenny Flowers International caters to the selection, installation and maintenance of flowers and plants that are carried out by professional engineers who are experts in the field of horticulture. With the use of a diverse range of exquisite flowers and plants imported from around the world, Jenny Flowers is able to create and develop extraordinary landscapes.


Water is the crucial element required for the sustenance of every beautiful landscape. Jenny Flowers is specialized in the design and installation of automatic irrigation systems that ensures the regular and accurate provision of water to the landscape.

We employ the latest irrigation technology that is installed and commissioned by experts to help preserve your landscape’s natural beauty.